UV-Xposure Labs

 UVC Material Exposure Testing

With an exponentially increasing demand for UVC disinfection, many scientists, regulatory bodies and independent certification groups will require accurate data to assess the potential impact for their materials as a part of their certifications. 
UVC exposure is unique, as the exposure is directly proportional to the energy of light received over time. As a result, years of simulated exposure can be created in a matter of hours (depending on exposure intensity). 

aero hygenx is a leading expert in the fight against pathogens and has worked with many organizations and institutions to study the impact of UVC on surfaces. As such, we have built a UVC Material Exposure Lab (UV-Xposure Labs). This lab is being used to determine the impact (if any) of UVC light on virtually any material.

The lab testing includes:

  • Custom material exposure time equivalent to decades of UVC exposure energy (mJ/cm2) in a matter of hours.
  • Custom intensity (mW/cm2) of light.
  • Option to expose three different wavelengths of light:
  • Real-time cameras streaming the exposure to ensure testing efficacy.
  • Video conferencing to discuss procedures, start the exposures, and stop the exposures.
  • Results provided immediately for transmissibility testing.

Exposed material is then sent back to our customers where it can be analysed for