August 31, 2020 – Ottawa-based Aero HygenX have launched RAY, their autonomous robot that uses UVC light to destroy viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, inside aircraft cabins. It can disinfect most commercial airlines’ cabin in 3 minutes, creating a safer environment for passengers and crew.

RAY delivers the minimum required UVC for disinfection to all corners of the cabin, replacing the manual disinfection process used by many airlines today, eliminating the need for chemical sprays and their residue. It’s also much faster, more reliable and requires fewer cleaning staff.

“RAY will pass through the cabin after passengers and crew disembark, destroying pathogens in the air or on any surface,” said Arash Mahin, Co-founder and VP at Aero HygenX, “If we start with a disinfected cabin, we’re dramatically reducing the chance of transmitting viruses like COVID-19 from one flight to the next.”

UVC light has long been used by industries where sterilized environments are critical, including hospital operating rooms. It’s capable of destroying pathogens in the air and on surfaces, including COVID-19 and other coronaviruses (MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV1). It works by preventing the replication of the pathogen.
“Creating a safe environment is our primary focus, but it’s also important for us to do that within the industry’s established workflows”, said Mahin. “RAY won’t delay flights or disrupt the passenger experience in any way. We want to help restore consumer confidence in air travel and see passengers flying again.”

Now in full production in Canada, Aero HygenX is taking orders. RAY is expected to be available to the Canadian and global aviation industry by late 2020.


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