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UVC can safely, reliably and quickly inactivate SARS-CoV2 and :

  • Destroy up to 99.999% of other pathogens
  • Is chemical and emission-free
  • Eliminate the inconsistencies from manual cleaning processes

UVC, your reliable defence against SARS-COV2

The next generation for airline disinfection

Ultraviolet (UVC) technology has a long history of disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces, air, and water in hospitals, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, laboratories and many other industries. And now, RAY brings the technology to the aviation industry.

  • UVC destroys the DNA structure of bacteria and viruses
  • Proven success against MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV1, SARS-CoV2, Ebola, and others
  • No chemicals or residue
  • RAY is designed to be used immediately after passengers disembark

Let RAY help you restore
passenger confidence!

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Our Advantages

Disinfect environment

UVC disinfects air and surfaces

Consistent results

Autonomous robot technology provides consistent results, every time

Public safety

No hazardous chemicals used before staff or passengers board the aircraft

Minimize turn-times

no manual cleaning or chemical spray dry time